Special Interview: Nemr Abou Nassar

Last night, one of the greatest events in Amman this year took place at the Royal Cultural Palace. Thanks to Toyota JO and Bands Across Boarders, both comedians Adi Khalifah and Nemr Abou Nassar performed one hell of a show for us! Nemr took the time to answer a few of our questions, and here they are:

How does it feel to be back in Amman?

Always great. Also, because you guys finally opened the new airport! I’ve been coming to Jordan since 2007 and they’ve been constructing it since, so now when I arrived I felt like you guys built it for me! I’m very happy to be here, I love Jordan very much and I am very pleased to see it progress all the time! And you guys have the best, hands down, hamburgers in the Middle East.. 

What do you think of the comedy scene in the Middle East for the past 5-10 years and now? Do you see any progress?

I would have to say the best comedy scene in the Middle East is in Jordan! You guys have stand up comics such as Bath Bayakha, and the sketch comedy which is high quality, great production which is much better than Lebanon. In Lebanon, I’m the only stand up comic where the rest are on TV. In terms of alternative comedy, you have everything here. I consider Jordan to be a leader as far as I am concerned. There is a lot of room in the industry for growth, and I still believe we, comedians, have a lot of work to do together. 

Is there any specific message you’d like to deliver during your shows?

From day 1, no politics no religion only love. This is what I have always been about, and I like to think of my shows as a celebration of what brings us together and what makes us who we are as Arabs and as the greatest people on the planet. 

Describe yourself in 3 words!

Hmm, what a freaking great question! 3 words? AH, I have it! Powerfully, sexually, appealing. You told me to choose, you didn’t say it had to be true!

Could you describe a moment in your life where you felt like you were on top of the world?

It has to be the first time I ever did  professional comedy show. I believe that was on March 11, 2006. I was advertising on MySpace, it was that old! I expected around 20-30 people to show up, and 115 people actually showed up which for me was enormous at the time. Among the 115 people was the owner of Lebanon’s radio station Mix FM and all these big people that came to see what this kid is doing and I actually performed one of the best shows in my life and I knew if I blew it at that time, then it would be the end of stand up comedy for me. After the show finished, I actually received a standing ovation and I remember myself screaming in the car while driving home. That was one of the best moments in my life.



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