What is Views Magazine?

Simplicity is the glory of expression.
Walt Whitman.

Some thoughts can only be voiced through non-verbal and unconventional mediums of expressions such as writing, music, poems, photography or whatever form of creative mean that articulates your thoughts and opinions. Many people have turned to this form of expression as a refuge for the reality they are living, some view it as an escape, and others do it for sheer amusement.

Aside from covering and discussing recognized local artists’ work,Views Of The Middle East aims to be the medium in which striving youth can feel free to share their work publicly; throw their senses into this online innovation pool and nurture their talents, since a platform of interconnecting talents and diversity always leads to broadening perespectives and mentalities.

What we do: 

We will be carrying out regular interviews with artists from the region, featuring upcoming events and reviewing some, as well as a special page for artists who would like to share their music, artwork, photography, and writings.

If you would like to join our growing team, send us your artwork, or for more information and inquiries please contact us at:


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