Top 5 Tattoo Fails in Arabic

You could probably say getting inked is the latest trend, and we’ve definitely spotted some horrendous tattoos in public, whether they’re typos or terrible designs..

Tattoos in Arabic is in the mainstream lately. From Selena Gomez’s “أحب نفسك أولاً” which translates to “Love Yourself First”, to a long line of celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Collin Ferrel, Rihanna and much more.

What you are about to witness are our top 5 WORST tattoos in Arabic. Are you ready? Are you really ready for this?

1) Big Momma


The term “Big Momma” is common in the States, but once its translated to Arabic it sort of loses its appeal..

We’d also like to emphasize on the exquisite addition of colors and butterflies that look like wontons.. Well done.

2) Infidel


We would heavily appreciate it if we could know this person’s thought process when he got this tattoo..


3) The honey is sweeter from?


Another example of an English phrase lost in translation. We’re confident she was going for “sweeter than honey”..

4) “Waves Crashing”


The phrase makes no sense whatsoever, another victim added to the “Lost In Translation” group..


5) “Suzanne the love of my life”


Love has no boundaries..

These were our top 5 tattoo fails in Arabic. Do you have any fails you’d like to share?


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