Local Comedians put on a show for Jordanian students abroad

A vast number of Jordanian scholars are seeking education abroad, bringing back innovative fresh ideas, as well as influencing their temporary community and making a change. One of the qualities held by our students is unity, and as a result, smaller sub-communities are forming abroad to represent an assembly of Jordanians in a foreign country.

A Jordanian night was organized held in Famagusta, Cyprus, last night aimed at the Jordanian society there. The evening starred two of the most prominent youthful stand-up comedians in Jordan who rose to fame through YouTube, and later on had their own comedy TV shows on local channels: Jordanian comedians Laith Al-Abbadi and Amees Al Ghoul showed the support for the Jordanian community in Cyprus by supplying the comic relief of the Jordanian-themed night, performing comical segments and bringing the Jordanian representatives in Cyprus together through the medium of laughter.

After the show, we asked the artist Dr. laith al abbadi about this international representation. And this is what he had to say:

VOME: The audience undoubtedly consisted of a variety of nationalities, did this experience differ in any way from the shows you did before?

Laith: “In a comedy show, laughter is contagious. The percentage of people laughing is between 20%-50% and this portion of the audience will influence the non-Arabic speakers in the audience to laugh as well. Plus, I tried to incorporate jokes in English as well as body language to relay the jokes, and I was also able to touc the culture in a light-hearted way.  In fact, when you have such variety in the audience, it’s easier to make them laugh as you have more material and background to joke around with.
However; this show wasn’t any different than a show I would have done back in Jordan. Not different at all!”

VOME: Is this your first international stand-up show for Jordanian students studying abroad?

Laith“Yes, it’s the first show for Jordanian students studying abroad. We actually organized such an event a few years ago in Al-Sharjah and it went great! But I didn’t have the opportunity to go. We –comedians- love to put on such shows and we prioritize them since the students are not in their country and this is our way to make them feel at home”

VOME: Do you have any special message for Jordanian students abroad?

Laith: “Any Jordanian student studying abroad is a Nashmi, seeking to bring in something to benefit his country. So if you’re going to bring back something harmful, don’t come back. And if any benefits that you’re bringing into the country, please employ them because our country needs valiant people.”

We hope to witness the representation of such local contemporary talents more frequently abroad, highlighting the Jordanian talents internationally as well as bringing the students together and providing them with a break from the world they’re living in.



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