ArabLinc is Yelp for Arabs

For those of you who don’t know what Yelp is, it uses an automated software to recommend the most helpful and reliable reviews for the Yelp community among the millions they get. The software looks at dozens of different signals, including various measures of quality, reliability, and activity on their application.

ArabLinc is your hub to all Arab businesses and events in the U.S. Their founder is AJ Faraj, an accomplished tech entrepreneur with long years of experience in the technology and innovation industries.

Fortunately, we had the time to talk to Mr. AJ Faraj. Here are his answers:

VOME: When did you guys realize that such application is needed in the market?


Mr. AJ Faraj: The idea of ArabLinc came about when we felt like there’s a huge gap in the market when trying to find particular Arab businesses and events, i.e., restaurants, dentists, lawyers, etc. without browsing for an extended period of time. Mainstream mobile apps such as Yelp and Foursquare are unable to help millions of Arab users in the U.S. find accurate data when searching for Arab businesses only, creating a major opportunity for a solution like ours to emerge. ArabLinc is not only helping users find accurate and up-to-date data on all kinds of Arab businesses and events, but also helping Arab business owners generate more leads and connect with their respective communities.

VOME: Have you ever thought about expansion in the future? Would you like to provide the same service in different countries?

Mr. AJ Faraj: Yes. Our vision for ArabLinc is to go beyond the ordinary directory category application. In addition to our expansion plan across various countries, we’re working on innovative features to improve the experience of our users and help them stay engaged.


To stay updated or contact ArabLinc:


Website –

Email –

Facebook –

Download link on the App Store –

Download link on Google Play –



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