Dozan wa Awtar: Jordan’s heroes in the World Choir Games

Amongst various global competitions held this summer, the biennial World Choir Games, which are tantamount to the World Olympics, definitely top the lists of the most exciting and culturally diverse events! The 9th International World Choir games took place in Sochi, Russia.
The games are aimed at “all amateur choirs of the world” and give them the opportunity to benefit from such international experience.
With over 73 countries participating, only 3 Arab choirs took part in this year’s edition: Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan. Jordan’s Dozan wa Awtar’s phenomenal skills and talents were met with 2 golden medals for the Folklore and Faith categories.

The choir definitely benefited from the international mix and integration of cultures during the 11-day competition. Dozan wa Awtar stated that the atmosphere was “alight with excitement.”  And described us the spirit that shrouded the competition as “Overwhelmingly joyous and celebratory. Regardless of race and creed, all choirs felt connected and were there first and foremost to have fun, share their culture and spread the joy of music.”

This was their second World Choir Games participation, and according to the choir, this particular experience juxtaposed with their prior performances in Amman as “The setting was quite different in terms of hall size and audience. The hall we sang in for the faith category was one of the best halls in the world in terms of acoustics and design. It was a privilege to sing there.”


Dozan’s nostalgia infused performance for the Faith category was aimed to rejuvenate the holy music in a mix of ancient languages such as Byzantine and Syriac; showing that music endures time and wars and unites people of different religions and backgrounds. The choir described that hitting the last note of this performance, followed by a moment of silence, was the most magical moment in their journey and justifiably charged with emotion and pride.

For the Folklore category, the choir incorpoated prominent Arabic songs such as “يا غصن نقا” and “يا عاشقة الورد” in their harmonious chorale style.

This win refreshes the choral music in Jordan and draws attention to the ample talent which was projected onto a worldwide stage, and as the world watches such international competitions, Dozan wa Awtar’s representation of Jordanian talents proves that they are increasingly asserting their presence and will for competing.

The choir’s competitive and positive spirit was highlighted when we asked them about their next step: “We will keep doing what we do, our mission is to keep singing and bring joy to our audience. “

Dozan wa Awtar look forward to competing in the 10th World Choir games in South Africa, and we should keep on showing our pride and support for this group of gifted and hard-working young singers as they pave their way toward greater feats.

Photos taken from Dozan wa Awtar’s Facebook page.

Follow the choir on their Facebook page to keep up with their latest news


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