RedBull SoundClash: What the artists had to say

Follwing an array of thrilling events this summer, the Redbull SoundClash is probably the perfect way to conclude summer 2016.

This year, SoundClash featured Aziz Maraka band and JadaL. Yes, it finally happened! And for those of you who have attended the event, or even those who were unlucky, the following article gives an in-depth perespective of the event.

What is Soundclash?

SoundClash is an event where the artists go head to head and through multiple rounds, in an effort  to win over the crowd. This event differs from usual concerts by challenging the artists’ ingenuity and perpetuating the essence of competition. However, according to Aziz Maraka, what pushed both bands to work harder was that “everytime both bands sit together you think you’re ready, yet you hear them play and you’re intimidated thinking ‘Oh crap i’m not ready enough!’ So it pushes you forwards.”

What’s different?

As an audience, we all know how attending this concert is different, but what about performing?

Jadal’s Ahmad Farah who participated in his first Soundclash said:

“Playing on the spot is a major difference, which in my opinion shows respect between the artists (referring to the Takeover round). This is very new to me, but when we did it, we really enjoyed it as a band.”

Aziz Maraka added:

“This is a very unique format by RedBull -the idea is to integrate the music of both bands, and for me, as a show organizer as well as a performer at the end of the day it’s a top of the line type of event: you have two stages and you have a full band taking over from the other band, just imagine the audience experience!”

But wait… There’s more! 


As an added bonus, each band brought on the stage an international artist to perform with, and apart from the band members, nobody knew who the artist was going to be until they set foot on the stage.

For Aziz Maraka band, it was none other than the renowned Alaa’ Wardi! The YouTube sensation and cover artist performed his famous original song “Shalamonti Fel7al“.

On performing in Amman again, Alaa’ told us: “it’s a really good feeling; Amman is the city where I studied in and grew up, it’s amazing!” 

We’re definitely awaiting Alaa’s next visit to Amman, until then, check out his latest album.

Jadal’s international guest was the Egyptian singer Houssam Husni, who gave the audience the hint of generic arabic songs we all know. It was their own way to end the show and it highlights how SoundClash brings together songs and artists from all across the Middle East.


RedBull SoundClash was definitely an event worth attending, both the performers and the audience enjoyed a brilliant mix of talent, excitement, and competition.We feel proud for having such a successful event in Amman, yet gloomy for having to wait an indefinite period of time for the next SoundClash.

Check out our Facebook page for exclusive videos of the event.



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