Under The Spotlight: Adan Wakeem

We’re in constant search for hidden gems since this section gives an insight on these upcoming artists, and we definitely got one for you: Adan Wakeem is this issue’s ‘Under The Spotlight‘ artist.
The 17-year-old girl from Palestine uploaded a Mashrou’ Leila mashup cover ( Bent el 48 / بنت ال ٤٨) which raked up over 65,000 plays on SoundCloud and YoutTube combined!

Adan’s mashup comprises some of the band’s most famous songs from different albums such as Raasuk and El Hal Romancy. The interchange among the songs is so eloquently harmonious that it sounds more like an original song.

We wanted to learn more about the talent behind that production, so we asked Adan to tell us a bit about herself.

  • Tell us about yourself, what are your hobbies and interests.I’m a 12th grader, my majors are Physics and Medical Sciences. I love singing and I play the Piano.”
  • What encourages you to sing and play music? 

“My friends and family support me, and seeing people do what they love like singing, playing, and composing music encourages me to do it as well.”

  • Have you recorded any other tracks? And if so, where can we check them out?

    “This mashup is the first track I’ve ever recorded in a studio. I’ve recorded some covers with my phone that were posted on my YouTube channel and my Facebook page.”We wish all the best and success for Adan in her music career, and we await more of her creative talent.

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