GJUMUN 2016: Opening Ceremony

Two years has passed since the debut of GJUMUN. Now, it has become one of the most influential Model United Nations conferences in Jordan.

Husam Al-Khreisat, Club President of GJUMUN

The German Jordanian University are holding their third annual Model United Nations conference where they tackle many political issues and problems around the world, all divided into 5 committees which were Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), General Assembly (GA), Human Rights Council (HRC)High Commissioner for Refugees (HCR), and Security Council (SC).

The Club President of GJUMUN, Husam Al-Khreisat, lead off the opening ceremony with a welcoming speech to all the guests, delegates, and staff. Husam highlighted the amount of hard-work and dedication that has been devoted by the staff to make this conference a successful one. The guests attending were two remarkable and truly inspiring youths within our region, both Abdallah Abu-Sheikh and Bariq Mhadeen.

Abdallah Abu-Sheikh

Abdallah is a Jordanian entrepreneur based between Africa and the Middle East who served as a CEO of Air Rum and Royal Air Ltd until 2015 and then established his own investment consultancy, focusing on energy solutions and renewable energy in particular. He gave an outstanding speech that blew the audience away, receiving a standing ovation at the end of his speech. “It definitely warms my heart to see that the youth doing their absolute best to vocalize their views and opinions in every way possible“, expresses the 22 year old.

After the ceremony, we met with Abdallah for an interview where he reaffirmed the points he made during his speech about how our region is standing on the barrier of peace and war, which means that our generation has a responsibility to make the world we live in a better place.

VOME: What would your message be towards the youth within our region?

We find it so much easier for us to say that things happening around us are not a problem and to not take such issues into consideration. If a conflict is a bit far away from us then we always seem to take the idea that it is not our problem, but in fact it always comes down for a full circle. It is the right time now as what’s happening here in the region and the world that we took our position and we started making our own mistakes. For the past 100 years, our parents and grandparents have been making mistakes and passing them down to us and we have been fighting their battles over and over again.

Abdallah Abu-Sheikh

Bariq joined Abdallah in saying that the youth have a huge role in our society and region in order to shape our own future in the brightest way possible. Bariq has been an outstanding individual who demonstrates the potential to become a leader and a peacemaker in the MENA region.

Bariq Mhadeen

In particular, Bariq has always shown an eager interest in the fields of Youth Empowerment, Political Participation and Conflict Resolution, and has consistently been dedicated to promoting greater understanding among youth here in the region and beyond.

Later on, Secretary General Osama Mahmood approached the podium to inform the audience about this year’s theme which is called “Transforming Challenges”, the topics at hand in each committee, and to formally announce the opening of the conference.


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