Insight Into The Most Followed Motivational Instagram Account In Jordan

Author: AdamBlogs

We have recently contacted the owner of one of Amman, Jordan’s best motivational instagram accounts known as ‘Hyper.Quotes’. The person behind Hyper Quotes is an aspiring, creative, outgoing teenager called Hatem Absi. He has always loved being able to share passion with the world and he has tried a lot of social media platforms before realizing instagram was the best one out there for his purpose.

Hyper.Quotes is one of Amman’s top Quote accounts with an outstanding follower count of over 5000 followers (as of November 2016)

Hatem took the time to answer a few of our questions, here they are:


1) Tell us about yourself!

“I am a 15-year-old junior at Choueifat School of Amman. I spend most of my day studying and during my free times I practice tennis in hopes of reaching World class level. I have 4 siblings, with me being a middle child. “

2) What motivated you to set up Hyper.Quotes?

“As a kid, I have always loved seeing people smile and be happy. Growing up, I met a few people who gott me interested in Instagram business-wise so that made me start a ‘quotes’ and a food blogging account. The food blog account reached 2000 followers , while  the quotes account got over 5000 followers, and to me that was astonishing! “

3) Describe yourself in 3 words!

“I would say I am ambitious , passionate , and inventive.”



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