Under The Spotlight: Hala Sherif

We posted on our Facebook page a ‘One Dance’ cover (Tabla edition) a while ago by the young Egyptian artist Hala Sherif with the amazing vocal talent.

Among Hala’s other tracks are Mashrou’ Leila cover songs, her execution of the vocals and accent show how much potentials this girl has.  Check out her SoundCloud here.

However, Hala’s skills are not only limited to music, she’s also the first Arab girl gamer (and by gamer, we mean the type of gamer who would beat you in Call Of Duty). Her YouTube channel EgyGirlGamer has over 300,000 total views, which makes it one of the Arab channels that you must look out for!

 We decided to take it a step further and let our audience get to know Hala on a more personal level through a short interview with her.

What got you into music, and for how long have you been doing it?

“I am currently 18 and I’ve been doing music ever since i was 16 years old.  I’ve lived 15 years in Saudi Arabia where all I did was play video games and write songs. Once i landed in egypt I rushed into a Sound Engineering course and set up a youtube channel a year after. The reason i wanted to take the course is to start creating, and make my music come to life. Luckily i got a job in a media company where i recorded all my tracks, mixed, mastered and uploaded them for fun. Finding people actually enjoying my music and relate to me was feeding my dead soul alive!”

Who’s your favorite artist?

“As a teenager i go through phases of listening to all different type of genres and i change my favorites constantly. So i can’t really mention names.”

What is the highlight of your musical experience so far?

“I’d have to pick between performing in front of 9,000 in a huge park, and performing in the gorgeous AUC where i’ve engaged with the best audience ever. I think i would proudly say these are the highlights of my musical experience as well as waking up one day to find my tracks passing 50k hits ! Very flattering look.”

Do you have a specific objective or goal as an artist?

Unfortunately i don’t plan to make a career out of music but it’s always going to be something i do on the side for the people and for myself to release any negative energy the world throws at me. My main focus will be on my YouTube channel since video games mean the world to me.”

Hala is definitely one of our favorite, multitalented artists. We look forward to more of her unique content and wish her luck  following her passion.

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