A Little Shadowing Never Hurt Anyone.

Many of the teenagers in Jordan are unaware of the path they are taking; they’re not headed towards a dark path in terms of bad habits and behavior, but a dark path which won’t allow them to see what they’re passionate about and the area where they’ll function best in.
In such cases, teenagers are not to be blamed because they’ve spent their lives going to school and having some extra activities on the side sometimes, but none would help them determine what they want to study in university and in which field they’d love to work. Maybe by looking at a certain job and reading about it, one would be interested in doing it but in most cases it won’t work this way because nothing can show you how tough the job is or how boring it is more than watching someone do it or performing it yourself. Therefore, there must be some other way to help one make up his or her mind. Maybe not in choosing a specific major, but to know what to eliminate at least.
Well, job shadowing would be a great solution!

Unfortunately, most of us are unaware of the fact that students can ‘shadow’ a specific person throughout their day to see whether or not the job suits them. For example, many doctors in Jordan are now welcoming students to come to their clinic, watch them as they treat patients and deal with them. Also, some doctors would be very happy to have a student or two watch them perform a surgery, this can help the student figure out whether they are into medicine and if they’re up to all the effort and hard work.
One doctor that has been doing this recently is Dr.Ziad Dahabreh. He helped a good number of students who attend the Ahliyyah School for Girls in finding out whether or not the medical field suits them by allowing them to shadow him at work. Students schedule with him the specific days when they could visit his clinic and watch him do his work.

Of course, doctor shadowing is one example, it’s not only the medical field which allows this but many other fields as well, you can also contact engineers to plan days in which you could attend their offices and watch them do sketches or designs depending on their speciality. You can do an internship at some company and watch how its going to be like working for companies and enterprises. There are endless possibilities and it all depends on you in the end.

So make your choice: would you like to enter university not knowing where you’re headed and constantly switching majors? Or would you like to prepare yourself beforehand and be determined about achieving a specific goal? Of course, changing majors is not a bad thing but since there are high school programs such as the IB which make you choose six subjects that you should be studying thoroughly throughout your last two years in school, you might want to choose subjects that are related to the major you’ll be studying and might help you earn course credit hours for university, as well as helping you get admitted to the university you want to study in based on their requirements.

Written by: Sara Nasr


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