Under The Spotlight: Motaz Dababseh

On this edition of Under The Spotlight, we shed the light on a rising star amongst us in the region. He’s a music producer, he shuffles, and is launching a campaign in Jordan to simply draw some smiles on people’s faces across the country. Motaz Dababseh took the time to answer a few of our questions:

1) To those who don’t know who Mouje – مُوْج is, tell them!

My name is Motaz Dababseh. Im a 20-yo Jordanian music producer and sound designer, currently studying telecommunication engineering at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT).

2) How did you start producing music? What type of music did you listen to while growing up?


I’ve been passionate about music my whole life. Ever since I was 13, I used to always sing harmony vocals on top of the original vocals while putting my earphones on. I always wanted to discover how music was made, especially hiphop and rap mainly because they do not include much acoustic instruments yet they’re still hyped up! When I was 8, I used to be a tech geek, which resulted me coming across this really simple music producing software called EJay Dance. It was so fun to mess around with it for couple of years, eventually that ship has sailed.

A few years later, I met a rapper during the 9th grade and told me about the softwares he used and how he came around the idea of recording and producing music. I never really got into music production this much, until I came across a YouTuber called KSIOlajideBT. What he used to is use all of these intense dubstep synths and sounds and mash them all up with his video editing. That was when I knew that I wanted to be a successful electronic music producer, approximately around 4 years ago.

3) How did you come up with the name Mouje – مُوْج?

It was actually by accident. I used to go by the name of MuzicazZz, but i’ve always wanted to change it mainly because it did not represent anything for me personally nor had a certain value, it’s genuinely difficult to search for a name, I wanted to switch it up so i started making a logo. After messing around here and there, somehow the logo just happened. I wanted a name in Arabic yet very easy to pronounce which represents and reflects of what I do and could be found and expressed. Thats when the name came to my mind and I just love it.

4) If you could produce music with 3 artists, who would they be? And why?


Flume, Seven Lions, and Chime. They’re innovative, risk takers, original and unique. Their complexity is on a whole new level. They come up with different ideas and each has his own style. I love how hard working they are, SO GOOD!

5) We’ve noticed you’ve picked up shuffling lately! Besides producing music and shuffling, what else do you do in your free time?

HA! I’m surprised you actually noticed that! I write often times, and do some photography and photo editing. I’ve also been trying to catch up on video editing but its a whole different world, I definitely need some time learning it.

6) We noticed you’re launching an upcoming campaign called ! Can you tell us more about it?


It is really interesting actually because the whole thing is constantly on my mind. I wanted to make 2017 count for myself and everyone else, so the main idea of it is to basically have people write all sorts of positive comments that are motivational, purposeful and can draw a smile on everyone’s face. After that, I print all of the motivational comments and simply roam through Amman’s streets and just give it to random people to plant a smile on their faces from these anonymous comments.

It’s a simple idea really, but I never thought it could grow into something big. We formed a team now that is all over the country, all doing their absolute best to draw some smiles on strangers’ faces caused by other people who simply wanted to make a difference for the greater good. I look forward for this idea to be practiced across continents and for it to be as viral as the Mannequin Challenge. I know i’m going too far but who knows!

7) Describe Mouje in 3 words!

Innovative, Hardworker, Wavy.

Check out Motaz’s latest single, Tashteet | تشتيت, now available on our SoundCloud page!

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