The JAM ROOM: Ala’a Khoury’s attempt to revive the music scene in Jordan.

Many people long for a culture booming with music of all types and genres. Yet, few would actually do something to revive the music scene and overcome the downfall of musical enrichment. Alaa’ Khoury, a Jordanian musician, came up with an idea and named it The JAM ROOM. In The JAM ROOM, Alaa’ hosts a casual live jam with a different musician every Friday at 12 pm. Surprisingly, the jam takes place in Alaa’s room.


While speaking to Alaa’, he clarifies that he views this project as a community service project. He believes that the “music scene is forgotten” and therefore he longs to enrich music through the use of social media. One of the main reasons why he chose social media is “due to the lack of venues in Jordan”. He sees that the deficiency of venues in Jordan results in the very little attention given to musicians nowadays. Alaa’ presumes that musicians are not given a chance; they are not viewed the way they should be viewed and people actually fail to realize that those musicians are artists and are also the treasure of this country.

Moreover, Alaa’ claims that music and arts form the basis of any culture, however, the difficulties that people face to go and listen to musicians in Jordan hinders the growth of music as a culture. Alaa’ claims that “only a specific group of musicians go to particular places such as cafes and pubs and therefore not all people can afford the ticket or would rather listen to this genre of music”.  As a result, Alaa’s thought that the use of social media as a temporary venue where people could get easy access to underground music is one thing that can help boost the music scene as well as the interactions between musicians and fans.

Throughout the interview with Alaa’, he described the way people are interacting with this project of his own and how musicians are viewing it.“The interaction is wonderful; people get to ask questions on the spot since it is casual, not formal. People ask for songs, stories behind songs and different questions. It is even overwhelming sometimes”. This shows the success of the project and the need for it in our community. He also stated that “All musicians are from the same social circle -one community- therefore, they loved the idea and they strive for publicity since the fans are considered the fuel for musicians”.  Now this is one way in which we could support our local musicians and help them reach their goals which they work hard to achieve.

If you are interested in following The JAM ROOM and watching the new live jam every Friday at 12 pm, make sure you go like their page on Facebook.

Written By: Sara Nasr


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