Under The Spotlight: Amr Shomali

On today’s edition of Under The SpotlightAmr Shomali also known as SHAM is a Jordanian music producer based in San Francisco who loves nothing more than shawerma, music, and art. He took the time to answer a few of our questions:

1) For those who don’t know SHAM, tell them a bit about yourself!


My name is Amr Shomali. I’m an 18 year old business student enrolled at Skyline College in San Francisco. When i’m not producing, i’m usually asleep, eating, or playing video games. I also really enjoy playing sports! I absolutely enjoy abstract concepts and drawings, and thats why I made an anagram out of my name to make SHomali AMr.

2) How did you start producing music? What type of music did you listen to while growing up?

I grew up listening to almost everything. From Arabic music like Fairouz and Um Kolthoum to rappers like 2Pac and Eminem. I was so influenced by music that I decided that I want to make music not just listen to it. I downloaded FL studio and I just kicked off from there.

Do you stick to one genre when producing, or do you prefer experimenting every now and then?

I actually don’t! I really like to play around and experiment with my music and even though the base of my tracks are similar, I would like to think each track has its own special flavor.

3) If you could collaborate with 3 artists, dead or alive, who would they be and why?

Screen Shot 2017-01-29 at 8.15.54 PM.png

There are so many haha! I would say Illenium, Flume, and Take Five. I think each one of them is the best at what they do.

4) Who inspired you to be a music producer?

I think everything in my life ultimately influenced and inspired me to become a music producer at some point. From the songs I listen to my friends who play their music. My dad also played the piano and I picked up a bit on that, so that also is a major influence and inspiration.

5) Describe SHAM in 3 words!

Wavy, Unique, and Friendly!

Check out SHAM’s remix of Lucian and Olivera’s “Sober Heart” which is available on our SoundCloud!


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