PSUTMUN 2017: What Happened Throughout The Conference

PSUT held their 5th annual Model United Nations conference which consisted of unique university and high school students all from different backgrounds coming together to each represent their own country to conduct as many fruitful debates as possible.

During this year’s conference, it consisted of over 200 delegates all divided into 6 committees which were Security Council (Futuristic)Human Rights Council A (HRCA)Human Rights Council B (HRCB)Disarmament Commission (UNDC)General Assembly (GA) and for the first time ever amongst all Jordanian Universities, World Health Organization (WHO).

DAY 1:


Following the Opening Ceremony at PSUT‘s campus, all members took their seats in each committee and identified their allies and enemies based on the topics at hand in order for them to work on the best resolutions possible.

Check out the pictures for Day 1 here.

DAY 2:


All delegates proceeded to their committees in order for them to start with their Introductory Speeches which usually takes them approximately 3 minutes for them to identify their delegation’s positions, interests and beliefs regarding the topics at hand.

Human Rights Council A (HRCA): The first topic at hand was the human rights role on Migration. Many delegations such as Switzerland, Canada, and Jordan discussed the importance of having migrants in their countries mainly for offering cultural diversity and expertise from abroad.

Human Rights Council B (HRCB): As for committee B, they discussed the issue of human rights violations in the Middle East following the Syrian crisis. The delegation of China offered to provide peacekeepers and watchdogs in order to avoid such violation and crime to occur repeatedly.

General Assembly (GA): The reconstruction of Syria after the Civil War was the main topic on the table as almost all the delegates pointed out very important issues and offered many solutions in order to solve them as soon as possible.

Security Council (Futuristic): The committee had only one major topic at hand for both days. It is the year 2049 and North Korea just invaded South Korea. The delegates had to come up with solutions in order for them to avoid a repetition of the infamous Korean War back in 50’s. The first resolution failed to pass, therefore the delegates had to come up with a better resolution that would be beneficial for the entire world.

Disarmament Commission (UNDC): The first topic was small arms and light weapons in West Africa. The first resolution was submitted by Gambia, however both the delegations of Cote d’Ivoire and the United States of America pointed out very strong issues. The delegation of Gambia suggested to purchase weapons from gangs, soldiers, and citizens. The USA pointed out that they should avoid such a horrible decision and proposes reintegration programs against extremists and illegal weapon holders.

World Health Organization (WHO): The topic at hand was Family Planning. Many delegations such as Canada, Somalia, Uganda and more strongly believe that family planning is a right, especially for women and young girls. However, the delegation of the United Arab Emirates disagree for religious reasons.

Check out the pictures for Day 2 here.

DAY 3:


Early in the morning during the first session, some committees proceeded with the first topic and eventually resolved the issue at hand. As for the others, debates regarding the second topic have commenced.

Human Rights Council A (HRCA): The second topic was countering violent extremism. Delegates such as the United States of America and Jordan pointed out very strong issues that are taking place in their countries. The delegate of Jordan pointed out how Islam has been very controversial regarding almost everything that is happening around the world. The delegate continued to have a heated debate with the delegate of the United States of America regarding a two-state solution between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Human Rights Council B (HRCB): Protecting and promoting human rights to prevent and counter violent extremism was the topic at hand. The delegate of USA stated how the Black Lives Matter movement is leaving a very good impression and that the nation has never been this United regarding anything for many years. The committee later on continued to reach a resolution to satisfy the parties involved in the topic.

General Assembly (GA): Ending the Israeli occupation in Palestine and relocating the state of Israel created one hell of a debate between the very bright delegates as they all tried to resolve such an issue rather than facing a dead-end.

Security Council (Futuristic): The committee continued to have a very heated yet entertaining debate regarding the major issue the delegates are facing. At the end of the day, the delegates successfully managed to find a solution and avoid a chaotic repetition of the Korean war after almost a century.

Disarmament Commission (UNDC): Disarming the Houthi rebels in Yemen created somewhat of a chaos between the committee as almost every delegate had a different point of view compared to the rest. They all reached to an agreement that the Houthi rebels are a major threat to the rest of the world and almost 70% of the delegates decided to take them out, to avoid more terrorist groups after Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

World Health Organization (WHO): Covering mental illness under insurance and implementing proper hospitalization was indeed a very sensitive topic to all delegates present in the committee as they all want what is truly best for their citizens, especially the youth. The committee found a solution that would be beneficial and can be implemented worldwide for the long run.

Check out the pictures for Day 3 here.

Check out PSUTMUN’s page for any more updates here.


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