My Identity

How was I supposed to start this with an  “I ”

and let you penetrate to figure out my identity

I want to give you the chance to try

and to see my truest identity.

You speak and let the words come out of your mouth

while I know that you have chosen the easiest way

Your words are cutting deep their way

inside the bottom of my brain

But still…in front of a mirror I stand

alone to understand….why can’t I see what you see?

I smash the mirror because i don’t trust its reflection

I choose instead to trust my alert six senses

I lift my hand and with my finger I touch my face

I try to see any color but there’s nothing to erase

They say my friend has a color , they say she’s from a different race

but when I put my arms around her, my white shirt clean stays

I guess its hopeless to understand what you claim

because to me this is insane and leaves me in despair

And whenever I meditate a face  I can see only one race

which is us..people…humanity

Its really strange how you complicate things and call people names

based on color nationality or even on the shape of a face!

I have the strong will to get you out of this nebula

and to force you to quit the habit of dividing us on one thing particular

If I would introduce myself in front of you Sir,

I won’t mention nationality, or the color of a flag

because when we, all humans, return to dirt

there will be non of this left to brag

We are the identity

My identity is us.b752c4a6c346ce2f7672aa57f575dcab-480x480x1


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