Zai’ ザイ Finally Dropped His Debut EP & It’s Insane

After dropping banger after banger such as We Could BePromise – 約束する and collaborating with even more local talents on Bun It’ Up which features Jordan’s Mouje and WIKIDZ all the way from Palestine,  Zai’ ザイ has finally blessed our week with his debut EP Untold Chapters.

Ali Zidane, the highly anticipated young artist currently on the rise, is an audio/visual artist who’s aim is to improve the music scene not only in Jordan but within the region as a whole. We recently sat down with him and had a chat about his latest project, and we couldn’t be any happier.

1) How does it feel to release your first ever project?


Releasing this project was something very personal and dear to me. Each track had its own meaning to me personally, hence why their names are somehow different. This project felt even bigger after hearing the responses , it felt like as if my heart and soul were inside each track. I feel very blessed.

2) Can you give us a brief background regarding the title and the storyline behind the EP?

Well, the title mainly talks about the unsaid periods of my life, the special ones actually. As for the names, each track has a story behind it and the music basically describes the story and what I have been through in my life.

3) What was your vision for this project?


Having a vision is always great, but this project for me was like playing a game of Tetris. Everything was randomly falling in place. Whats funny is that the last track Swimming Pool Stairs was not even on the EP, I actually made it the night before i started mixing/mastering the project. I just had an idea and I carried on with it, and it ended up being on the EP!

4) Should we expect a full length debut album soon?

Well since you asked, a full length album is actually already in the process. It will include a bunch of collaborations from all around the world which makes me even more proud of what I have accomplished so far. But for now I will be taking a short break, just so I could clear my mind and to think fresh again.

5) Describe “Untold Chapters” in 3 words.

Calm, Relaxing, and I will leave the third one for you.


The third word is definitely insane, we absolutely loved it Ali! Listen to Untold Chapters below:



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