A Star On The Rise

At the age of 23 and still learning the crafts of the game, Ursula Gitto is one of the key players of the women’s Water Polo Messina squad. We recently had a Facebook interview to find out more about this rising star in Italian water polo.

“I started swimming in my city Milazzo”, Gitto said when asked to describe her beginnings in the sport.

Milazzo is a city located in Sicily, Italy. Gitto continues describing the decisive period.

“After 3 years of swimming I was a bit bored. I refused to do swimming races and my instructor advised me to try water polo in Messina.”

“I went to try out and I never stopped.”

Messina is also another city in Sicily, around a 30-minute drive from Milazzo.

“Ever since I started playing I was in the same team,” – that is Water Polo Messina – “starting with the youth I made room in the first team.”

When asked about why she wore the number 3 in the team, Gitto replied: “In my first match for the youth team I happened to be number 3, and until now I have always had it. It is the number which I started with, and it is the number which I am fond of.”

Water Polo Messina were knocked out of the semifinals in the Final Six, and also lost the Italian Cup final against Padova in April. However, Gitto had a memorable campaign, finishing as her team’s 3rd top goalscorer with 26 goals to her name in the league.

“I do not have a target number of goals specifically as I do not give it a lot of importance, but obviously, the more I score, the better.”

“I do not think I have a favorite goal, but one that I surely remember in a nice way is that of the final of the scudetto last year, particularly against Padova.”

Now that the season is over, Gitto is preparing for the 29th Summer Universiade Olympics, which will take place in August in Taipei.

We would like to wish Ursula Gitto the best of luck on her next adventure, and in the future!


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