WAV Talks About His Debut Single “Again”, His Influences & More

2018 has witnessed a lot of new-comers to the music industry so far, but WAV is not your typical artist. The Houston rapper is clearly up to something after releasing his debut single “Again“, which proves that he’s about to take over the entire industry.

We talked to WAV about his influences, working with his manager Giuseppe Zappala, and more.

Do you think your music changed ever since you first started writing?

Yes! It’s come a long way since I’ve started and it will only get better.

How did you write the song “Again”? What was the thought process behind it?


My manager, Giuseppe, showed me the beat for and once I listened to it, the words were already written for me in my head. Also, shoutout to Lais who was in the studio with me when I made this song and helped come up with those ad-libs. I haven’t been this excited to release a song ever — this one has a special meaning for me and I can’t wait to share it with all of you. This is for us.

What’s it like working with your manager Giuseppe?

It’s been amazing, he’s like family to me. He’s the only one that understands my vision and we definitely push each other to work harder.

Who are your musical influences?

Hard question because I have so many..  I would definitely say that when I first started I was heavily influenced by Jim Morrison, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, Bun B, and a few others. However, my influences and sound have definitely evolved and in terms of modern-day artists I vibe with NAV, A Boogie, PnB Rock, Swae Lee.

Any specific artists or producers that you want to collaborate with?


I’m always open to working with anyone as long as they’re dope lol. Producers I would like to work with are Mike Will Made-It, 16yrold, TM88, Scott Storch, and a few others. I want to work and collaborate with as many dope and talented artists as I can as will as those artists who have had a heavy influence on me.

Should we be expecting an album soon?

No not yet, I’m really focusing on this first release. But definitely be out on the lookout in these next few months as I have a lot of songs I want to share with y’all!

You were in Amman, Jordan a few months ago, would you come back?

I thought it was a great experience and I got to meet a lot of great people out there – the fans showed so much love. I wish I could have seen more of Jordan! I would definitely come back if the occasion was right. 

Is there any message you’d like to send to your fans?


I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who’s supported me and showed love up to this point. I’ve definitely grown so much since I’ve first started and I’m excited to show you guys that with this new music! Don’t be afraid to be yourself, be positive, show love, and let’s have a fucking good time. Don’t let anyone ruin your vibe or make you feel uncomfortable about what you like. And in regards to the music, GET READY!

With his debut single being a complete banger, we can only look forward for what’s next in store by the Houston artist! Don’t even dare sleeping on him, this man is the future. If you do, i’ll be the first to tell you I told you so.

You can listen to Again on Apple Music, Spotify and SoundCloud.

Don’t forget to follow WAV on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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