Fortune Favors The Brave: 22 Y/O Maverick Abdallah Abu Sheikh Puts Together A High-Profile Team To Run A $500m Investment Platform

LUX POWER, a Dubai based company founded by Abdallah Abu Sheikh [and partners], is raising $500m to fund the development of a portfolio of conventional and renewable energy assets across the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

The platform has already attracted the commitment of a number of prominent regional investors and has managed to securget significant funding from [Asia / China].

The platform has an innovative financial structure that optimises returns for investors and has the backing of one of the best investment and technical teams with decades of experience developing and financing energy assets in the region.

Lux Power is shaping up to be the rising star of the energy market, bridging the gap between the Middle East and China, putting together the winning formula for its investors and backers. Lux’s bold approach of introducing original financial and technical schemes is what’s giving it the edge in such a highly competitive market.

“Many investors are used to playing it safe but the way the economy is moving and the way the industry is shaping we have to believe that fortune favors the brave” says Abu- Sheikh

Abdallah Abu Sheikh is known to have developed a great track record and a remarkable fingerprint over the energy industry between the Middle East and Africa in a very short period of time and is confident Lux power will prove to be the Jewel of the energy industry for the years to come.


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